Our Founders Founders

Arjen Breedt
Arturo Morales
Co-Founder - Executive Vice President Marketing
Simon Telfer
Co-Founder - Excutive Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
Cole Garrett
Co-Founder - EVP Legal, Regulatory & Public Affairs
Marcelo Gutierrez
Co-Founder - Executive Vice President Technology - Blockchain Developer

Our Presidents Presidents

Fabricio Santos
Executive Vice President of Operations - Blockchain Concept Developer
Brendan Lawson
Executive Vice President of Medical
Devices Development
John Rice
Executive Vice President of Business Development - Developer
Marcos Lobo
Executive Vice President of Software Development - Lead Developer
Gustavo Goncalves
Executive Vice President of Community Affairs
Whanderson Muniz
Executive Vice President of Information Systems
João Escribano
Executive Vice President of Blockchain Development

Our Directors Directors

Amanda Hornburg
Director of Project Management
Nick Hornburg
Director of Technical and Community Support - Developer
Chris Whitlock
Director of Technology - Developer
Luke Lam
Director of Strategic Marketing and Advertising
Cody Madison
Director of E-Learning Programs
Tensley Carter
Director of Social Media
Menno Maas
Director of Community Management/Admin
Sergio Ferry
Director of Business Relationships
Eliahu Horwitz
Director of Research and Development
Rich Chambers
Director of Public Relations
Andrew Hopkins
Director of Graphic Design and Media Creation
Martijn Quist
Network Security Manager

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