Energy blockchain project Coldition chooses POMA blockchain

The technical innovation team of Coldition BV has developed a model in which energy management can be lifted to new levels. Large energy savings are already being won by relinquishing fossil fuels and focusing on wind, geothermal and solar energy. The Coldition model expands upon these savings.

The company uses blockchain technology to offer energy in packages called Coldition Energy Blocks (CEBs) to the blockchain network. The self-learning system calculates in real time the most cost-effective usage of the energy and decides by means of artificial intelligence (AI) to either deliver the generated energy to the network or use it itself.

Coldition has done more than 5 years of successful research on energy cost efficiency with its own energy efficient buildings. The main building is fully in use and equipped with a restaurant and meeting rooms and is located on the site of Project POMA’s headquarters.

The network of users connected to the blockchain functions as a mining farm. For example, every household with solar panels can join the network.  This forms the backbone of the Coldition network. In addition to delivering energy back to the grid, everyone participating in the network now has the option to use the energy for mining in order to achieve a greater return than by delivering it back to the energy company.

Colditon estimates that the network will grow explosively after the launch of the mainnet,  immediately becoming one of the largest mining farms in the world, and can fluidly switch among the most profitable mining operations. By integrating blockchain in energy management in this way, national boundaries no longer apply.

Coldition will collaborate with governments, universities and high schools in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe and is currently working on building a campus for students from all over the world.

The Coldition blockchain network will be driven by Coldition tokens [CLDT] launched on the POMA Blockchain.  Details on token distribution will be announced mid june 2018. The private presale will start on July 1, 2018 and is by invitation only.

Founder & CEO Alex van der Harst, Coldition Energy & Cooling Systems BV

[email protected]