Please note that this article is here for archival purposes and does not reflect the current project roadmap. POMA.Games replaces this project.

HTMLCOIN games is one of the many projects that Project POMA is proud to launch.

It is an exciting web-based game application that utilizes the capabilities of the HTMLCOIN blockchain. The freedom is yours to create your own game without the hassle or worries of a payment system. We have taken care of that. You just have to agree to utilize our prepared payment system and people will start to pay you with the HTMLCOIN cryptocurrency while playing your games.

There are several ways to earn money and HTMLCOIN with your game website:

  • Show visitors ads from Google Adsense. You can easily add your own Adsense code.
  • Participate in the reward program. Your game site is made so that you can easily add your own links with just a few clicks.
  • Organize tournaments and web games and award HTMLCOIN as a prize.
  • Create certain parts of your game website “members only” and add a paid membership.
  • Apply browser mining (only on your own domain names).