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De-centralized Currency on blockchain technology. Open Source. Community run and maintained.

Bitcoin Token (BTK) is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. Conversely, BTK is an ERC20 token, developed on the Ethereum Blockchain to offer a faster, more efficient, and easily attainable solution to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading.



Legion is not just a cryptocurrency, it is also a movement to bring positive change to the Brazilian people in education, financial well-being, health care, and other important elements.  The power of Legion lies in its creative team that has created a strategic approach to build a platform utilizing blockchain technology. Legion has joined forces with strategic partners and together they are building a smart economy platform for Brazil in which all Brazilian people can contribute. The Legion Token will be the platform’s base utility token and the backbone of Legion’s platform.



Kryptonium is secure, private, untraceable and based on a decentralized platform with a universal mobile miner lowering barrier of entry for new comers.

Information correct as of May 2018. Information is subject to change. Partnerships may be added or removed without notice. New partnerships may be in effect, but not yet listed for legal or marketing reasons.

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