POMA Academy

Project POMA is proud to announce the POMA Academy, a pioneering blockchain-based e-learning initiative that will open the world of online education to people from all corners of the world. Through this initiative, we will work together with universities, local governments, students, companies and organizations to remove existing limitations and boundaries in education. The goal is to make education accessible to all, so that talented people of all ages, race, gender, and economic means will have a chance to learn regardless of demographics.

The POMA Academy will be accessible to any student across the world. Universities will create learning modules on a wide range of topics including marketing, computer science, and blockchain development. After completing one of these modules the student will receive their blockchain authenticated certification. After certification, the student is eligible to be hired by companies that are part of Project POMA and earn cryptocurrency. The process will be supervised by local governments and universities and will be promoted in partnership with non-profit organizations.

Universities involved with the POMA Academy will be able to showcase their institution and learning techniques to millions of potential students across the world, which will increase their educational footprint. They will further be able to take pride in working with Project POMA in the philanthropic pursuit of providing education for those who are in financial need and unable to afford the costs of a traditional education.

The POMA Academy is for millions of students who do not have the income to pursue a college degree or education at all. The average annual cost of full-time university studies in the United States is $9,000 to $25,000. This number continually increases every year. What is the average cost per year for a student in POMA? It is free.

Beyond receiving free education, students of the POMA Academy will benefit in many other ways. They will receive vital real-world experiences while enhancing their resumes. Unemployed individuals trying to support families can learn, work for companies, and build their resumes while earning money. People living in developing countries will have access to online learning or distance education opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them.

We want to open up the world of online education to connect students to top-ranked universities. As our society changes, countless students are looking for online or distance education opportunities. Through the POMA Academy, we can make this happen and truly revolutionize online education.

We will be kickstarting our POMA Academy within the next 6 to 10 weeks. Participating students will be able to witness many carefully selected start-ups being built by professionals from around the globe. Special thanks to our director of e-learning programs, Mr. Cody Madison, who is working closely with our partners to shape this vision into reality.

This is the beginning of great things to come. Together, we can truly change the world!

Interested companies, organizations, Universities, and governments can contact the Director of POMA Academy at [email protected].