Poma.Games is now LIVE! Rounds 1 and 2 have been completed.

Hello all! It has been a busy winter here at Project POMA and we wanted to inform you more about the Project POMA games website. The POMA.Games website is a large collection of flash games, from the classics like “Breakout” to Idle games like “Zombidle.” We are working hard to have this website contain games for all ages. It is also where the POMA community hosts its POMA Games competition.  Although the game platform, in its current form, is primarily for community entertainment, additional developers are joining to start the development of our commercial gaming platform. This new development should be starting in the next few weeks!

The winners of the first and second Competitions will be announced in this post, so keep reading to find out if you are one of them. Now for the fun part, the details.

The Games Competitions run 2 times a month and each last a week long. There are also prizes for not only winning, but placing. In total there are 375,000 coins that are up for grabs each competition. This adds up to a total of 750,000 coins given away every month. The way the prize brackets are laid out are as follows:

  • First place will receive 75,000 coins,
  • Second and Third place holders will receive 56,250 coins each.
  • Fourth through Sixth will each receive 37,500 coins.
  • Finally, Seventh through Tenth will each receive 18,750 coins.

This means all of you have a chance to win some more coins just by playing in the competitions!

The first game played for competition was “Outer space Arkanoid” (AKA “Atari Breakout”) The winners of the first game’s competition are (Congratulations go to Tradernoob with 387,195 points!).

  1. 1. Tradernoob
  2. 2. agentbooth
  3. 3. duat_yurtold
  4. 4. Brandon
  5. 5. haydenb
  6. 6. hmasuda5
  7. 7. abstract450
  8. 8. valerie
  9. 9. rob31
  10. 10. z


Thank you to all who participated in this competition and if you placed in the top ten your prizes should be in your Ethereum wallet.

The Second Competition game was Sweets Halloween Monster. This is a 2D Runner game. There were many new participants which shows good signs of growth in the POMA games community! The winners for this competition are as follows (Congratulations go to Brandon with 22,244 points!)

  1. 1. Brandon
  2. 2. Haydenb
  3. 3. z
  4. 4. theboef
  5. 5. ebs15
  6. 6. pon20
  7. 7. agentbooth
  8. 8. rob31
  9. 9. tradernoob
  10. 10. abstract450


Congratulations to all who won, and thank you to all who participated in the second competition! Round 3 will start on Sunday February 24th at 8 o’clock AM EST. Please stay tuned for more announcements regarding competition three.

POMA.games is a platform for the POMA coin (POMAC) as well as Project POMA to get their name out to the general public. This site is to get people out side of the telegram global chat involved in this community. We use the competitions as a way to generate interest for the POMA community. Please let people know about this site and the opportunity they can have by getting involved on it and with the POMA community in general. We cannot succeed without your help!

Head over to https://poma.games/ and get playing! To see what is going on with the competitions, make sure you click on the banner at the top of the home page!  You can also join the games telegram room to chat with the other gamers or ask questions at t.me/POMAGAMES.