Project POMA is expanding!

Delaware, United States, May 14, 2018  While many cryptocurrency investors are distracted by the value of their holdings and temporary dips in the market, there are millions of people in the world who have most likely never heard of blockchain technology and its potential to bring positive change in their lives.

It has become absolutely clear in recent weeks that others share this vision because new partners are joining almost weekly.  Together this expanding team is developing a series of real-world blockchain solutions and applications.

Project POMA is rapidly becoming an umbrella organization for the collaboration of blockchain developers, inventors and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the globe who share similar core values.  This collaboration enables us to offer a broad variety of advanced blockchain technology to all people, companies and organisations involved.

Project POMA is not a “life hack”, nor is it a magic trick. Project POMA is the combination of the right people in the right place at the right time and hard work!

Noteworthy is Project POMA’s  innovative approach of kickstarting  partners’ projects. Even while the backbone of the involved blockchain project(s) is still under development, many impressive projects are already lined up and in full swing preparing for launch.

The pace in which projects are being launched is impressive. The projects currently orchestrated by this blockchain alliance engage people, organizations, companies and governments around the globe. They offer the tools to discover, simplify and utilize the power of the blockchain.

Currently there are already several innovative projects being developed which serve various industries such as medical & healthcare, logistics, B2B solutions and many more. Details can be found in the insight document on their website at

Project POMA is open to everyone interested in blockchain technology that wants to meet like minded people. Project POMA is also launching its participation program in collaboration with local governments, companies and organizations around the world.

Other press releases to follow:

May 21, 2018 : Press release – First completed projects & start beta testing

May 25, 2018 : Press release – POMACOIN specifications & distribution schedule

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