Project POMA – October Update and A Change Of Plans


Dear loyal supporters,

The POMA blockchain has recently been, and continues to be, subjected to extensive testing.  We are excited to have started the integration of many of our existing and new blockchain projects.

A series of technological projects are currently being prepared to launch on Project POMA’s dedicated blockchain.  Some of these projects have been in development for more than eight years,such as medical and logistics devices. Other projects include collaborations with various local authorities, governments, and schools to develop web-based platforms to stimulate local economies and education systems.

In addition to all the technical requirements for our projects, we also have to deal with all of the legal requirements that the platforms must meet.  This is always a challenge in a new industry. Project POMA’s dedication to adhere to the changing laws and regulations sometimes requires adjusting our path to ensure we stay in line with those changes.

It goes without saying that we approach all of our projects, and the interests of our business partners, with great care.  We will deliver a good business platform where everything is arranged in detail, from both a technical and a legal perspective.

Over the last few weeks we have become privy to radical upcoming changes regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies and airdrops.  These measures will mainly apply to United States residents, project developers, and business partners there.

Intensive consultations have been held during the past few weeks with legal advisers from both our own project and consultants from our business partners. From this consultation we have decided to enable partners, project developers, and involved companies to further develop their projects in our testnet developer’s environment while we continue to improve the blockchain infrastructure in accordance with all upcoming legal changes.

The above decision means that the launch of the blockchain to mainnet, and the awesome features of POMACOIN and POMAGAS, will not be available for public consumption just yet.  However, because the community has been waiting for the POMACOIN airdrop for some time, the board decided to launch POMACOIN anyway, in the form of a temporary ERC20 token.

This means that listing on exchanges will continue as planned and those who participated in stage one of the coin distribution will soon have access to their POMACOINs.

We also want to announce that our incredible payment gateway supports ERC20 tokens, enabling us to launch a number of exciting web applications at the same time (the business directory, the game websites, etc.).

We are working with the involved exchanges to realize the listing of POMACOIN as per the above changes.  Once this process has started, each participant will receive an email with instructions on how to receive POMACOIN in his or her wallet.

Although we will work through the above process quickly, we must take into account the fact that we work with third parties.  This means that certain things are not in our control and we are dependent on the exchanges developers.

To prevent new development from being slowed down, the testnet will be made available for developers who want to launch a token or develop their application on the POMA blockchain platform.  Now that the POMA blockchain has become a solid platform it will also be possible for developers to work with us and help test the blockchain. An application form has been created at

We are proud of our team and democratic decision-making.  It is satisfying to see that both team members and business partners recognize the importance of compliance and risk management and can then make clear decisions in harmony.

Risk management and compliance is going to be a major element of success for ANY blockchain project moving forward, and we will continue to competently address changes in the industry and provide succinct explanations to help people understand the consequences of regulations.

The above adjustments will contribute to the long term success of Project POMA and the many projects involved. We are excited and look forward to the coming weeks…….we have all waited a long time.

Stay tuned!

Team Project POMA