Project POMA – Update August 2018

Project POMA – Update August 2018

For many people summer is winding down. The Project POMA developer team is fully engaged and working at an accelerating pace behind the scenes.

In this update you will read more details, the status of the project, our projection for what we expect to accomplish in the coming weeks, and what this means for you as a community member (and yes, as a POMACOIN holder).

Like almost every blockchain startup, there are many challenges along the road and the course of development process often has to be adjusted; sometimes due to technical challenges, requirements from partner projects, legal and regulatory reasons, and sometimes as result of the necessary shifting of resources. We continue to make the necessary decisions to stay on the shortest path to a safe and reliable platform.

Governance and management

The founders, together with the legal team, have started the process of registering the POMA foundation. Once the project is firmly established, the POMA blockchain governance project will use the delegative democracy model. During the startup interval the delegates will take responsibility and accountability for decision-making that pertains to the operation and management of the blockchain project. Details will be finalized and published on the website.

Blockchain development

The large size of the POMA project and its side projects initially caused us to decide to roll out projects step by step. We would then have launched the blockchain platform itself at a later stage. However, in recent weeks the development team has accelerated with the excellent result that we are able to launch the entire platform faster than planned.

The blockchain is expected to be ready in the coming weeks. Wallets for Windows, MAC and Linux will be available concurrently with the launch of our main net.

No ICO, No pre-sale

As many of you know the project has been implemented without an ICO or any external or private fundraising.  Like many other projects that start this way, we will bring POMACOIN and POMAGAS into circulation in stages. This means that we will start with smaller exchanges that enable the tokens to gain their first organic liquidity / trade volume.

Listing on exchanges

We have been talking to several exchanges for a while now. As soon as the blockchain’s main net is launched we anticipate POMACOIN and POMAGAS to be listed on 5 to 10 smaller exchanges.  After this we will focus on larger exchanges. The Project POMA team will not discuss the names of any exchange we are in discussions with unless a listing commitment and date is publicly confirmed by the exchange.


The latest tests on the gateway and airdrop systems resulted in some technical adjustments being required. These adjustments have taken a little more time than planned. We are aware that nobody likes waiting, however these changes were mandatory.  Our developers and testers are about to give the green light for launch so everyone will receive their login details and access to their POMACOIN airdrop(s).

Smart contracts & Tokens

With the blockchain going to mainnet, the long-awaited smart contract possibilities will become available. Both Project POMA and partners will immediately start integrating a series of projects including medical devices, logistic solutions, and projects from other partners which will be announced shortly after the mainnet launch.

Game testers wanted

Now that the launch of the POMA Blockchain will soon be realized, other POMA projects are being prepared to launch shortly thereafter.

One of these projects is the game platform which was built for and by people who always wanted to have their own games website. The platform utilizes the most powerful Arcade gaming system with more than 50,000 games from the most popular game distributors.

A selection will be made from this large collection of games. We are inviting a number of community members to help with this. Anyone who wants to help can let us know via email to [email protected]

We are excited to finally be able to reveal some more details about the course of the POMA project. All these developments mean that we will soon be able to publish an updated roadmap.

The team wants to emphasize that patience and thinking along with us is appreciated and is a credit to everyone in this community.  We are moving forward together, thank you!

Stay tuned!