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POMA PAYMENT GATEWAY - Completed & Awaiting Launch

Poma Gateway is a new and modern payment solution based on Blockchain. Through Poma Gateway you can send and receive different coins, like BTC, ETH and, when available, POMACOINs. As development continues we will accept coins and tokens from our partners too. We will implement several unique features, like:

  • WordPress integrations;
  • Airdrop system;
  • ICO helper and much more.

We believe that the use of blockchain applications should be as simple as sending an email. The POMA Blockchain Platform therefore has the POMA Intuitive Interface System (PiiS) to access innovative business tools which interact with the most innovative blockchain technology under the hood. Thanks to PiiS , end -users can focus 100% on their core-business without any technical blockchain knowledge * .

POMA PAYMENT API - Completed & Awaiting Launch

An API to interact with the POMA turn key payment systems.


What is a tipping and rewards system? Any website, webshop or business directory based on these WordPress and WooCommerce systems can reward writers and people who give a review on their site with cryptocurrency. Rewarding writers and people who contribute is the number one method to have them engaged.

“Anyone who writes something cool about a company, service or product can get tipped or rewarded with the rewards plugins!”


The POMA turn key payment systems: e-commerce platforms, webshops and websites can implement the turn key payment systems with just a few clicks. Our advanced turn-key payment system is not just a simple plugin. It differs from other solutions currently available by giving the seller much greater confidence to sell using cryptocurrency. If a seller sells a bike for 500 USD then the seller will receive 500USD as value. The systems mirrors the price  of USD (loops of ten minutes) so whatever the cryptocurrency value is the seller is always pretty safe. This approach makes it far more possible for retailers and webshop owners to embrace cryptocurrency, without the risk of price fluctuations.


If a website owner has premium content (like news, DIY guides, paid content etc) they can “lock” the content and people must pay an amount of the supported cryptocurrency to access that content. This opens the floodgates to gaming websites because site owners can charge to play the game. The possibilities are now endless…


Global Internet, Communication & Technology (ICT) ecosystems are responsible for an estimated 10% of worldwide electric energy consumption annually. This is roughly equal to all electricity generated by Japan and Germany combined. This massive electricity generation contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions, according to US EPA reports.

Our mission is to enable efficient real-time power management to cut back the ICT industry’s need for electricity generation by a factor of 10x. This will be achieved using cutting-edge blockchain technologies, which include groundbreaking algorithms to balance the electric grid and network coverage and SmartContracts to conduct demand-side management programs for IoT devices. We aim to drive the needs of ICT for current level annual world-wide electricity generation down to less than 1%, resulting in massive savings for consumers and a greener Earth for all of us and future generations.


Pomapages allows people, companies and freelancers all over the world to truly adopt cryptocurrency. There are countless ways to make money with the cryptocurrencies supported by Pomapages, from an additional income by promoting services and products to generating your own customers for your freelancer activities.

Get Tipped & Rewarded
Anyone who writes something cool about a company, service or product can get tipped or heavily rewarded with the rewards program!

Promote Services
Start promoting products and services from participating freelancers and companies. Every time you realize a sale you get a fee!

Become a Freelancer
Start as a freelancer on Pomapages. We offer e-learning training to quickly transform you into a professional!


Most used Arcade gaming system!
The platform has been built for people who always wanted to have their own games website. It’s an affordable system and has inbuild methods to earn extra income with the many different games options the system offer.

Powerful Arcade gaming
We use the most powerful Arcade gaming system with more than 50.000 games from the most popular game distributors. Your site will run populair games from 2PG, ArcadeGameFeed, CoolGames, Famobi, HTML Games, GamePix, Kongregate, MyArcadeFeed, Softgames, Spil Games and , TalkArcades GameFeed and many more!

Awesome features!
As owner of your game website you are able to let people register on your gaming site and have them create user profiles, adding friends, create groups, add forums, and see live activity streams. Its build on the most modern Arcade system with awesome features! You can even monitize you game site and integrate our token rewards program!

This is the ultimate web-based application with the benefits of POMA Blockchain capabilities. Your game site is completely prepared to let people pay with cryptocurrency POMACOIN. There are several ways to earn money and POMACOIN with your game website:

  • You can show visitors ads from Google Adsense. You can easily add your own Adsense code.You can participate in the Project POMA reward program.
  • Your game site is so prepared that you can add your own links with a few clicks.
  • You can organize tournaments and web games and award POMACOIN as a prize
  • You can create certain parts of your game website “members only” and add a paid membership.
  • You can apply browser mining (only on own domain names). That is, you are free to make your site available for free, but those users agree with browser mining.

Other Projects

Whether you are an existing successful company or a startup, we will have services that can help your business get a foothold into your marketplace to increase your market share and profits.

In return, we ask that all participating companies become involved in the progress and development of our students, as it is students, under the guidance of (government) professionals, who will be conducting the services that we offer.

This is our unique interactive learning system that benefits both the business receiving the service and the student offering it. The business gets a premium service at a reduced price and the student gets real-world experience.
Also, any business involved has a chance to show worldwide that they are a socially responsible organization, which will ultimately enhance their reputation.

“Participating companies will generate more sales, which will enable them to hire more staff (our students). Essentially, our system helps to repair/stimulate local economies worldwide”  – Arturo Morales

Are you a freelance professional who is looking for more jobs? Are you done with regular freelance platforms where you have to pay for completed orders ?

Then join our platform now. We offer you the opportunity to perform orders for companies worldwide without paying us commissions because we believe you should be paid fully for your hard work.

At the moment we are in the final phase of the development of our freelance platform. Already many freelancers are at work. At present, participation in the freelance program is only possible with invitation.

Our goal is to have job-training projects coordinated by local governments around the world, so they can intercede on behalf of both the students and business, creating a social innovation ecosystem and a co-partnership between all parties. This relationship will benefit all concerned and help to bolster local economies.

Project POMA wants to help make blockchain technology easy to use and available to all.

The Project POMA platform is a members only platform; access and participation are only possible through invitation.

We have chosen this approach for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the participating unemployed people are enrolled and that the courses are coordinated by a government agency.
  • To ensure that companies are legal and that they meet the legal requirements that are imposed on a company.
  • To ensure that the participating companies are each registered with their respective Chamber of Commerce.

How does this work?

Local governments are invited to participate in the Project POMA platform elite program. This gives them access to the tools and opportunities to give unemployed individuals an opportunity to succeed in life. In doing so, governments become a bridge between individuals who don’t have a job and businesses that need help to become financially successful.

By offering the training program for only 15% of the normal costs of reintegration trajects, the financial pressure is relieved on the budget of the participating local government. In addition, the participants will quickly learn practical knowledge that can be used to make companies more revenue. In this way, companies will become more self-sufficient and less reliant upon their municipalities for financial assistance.

In addition, government officers coordinate these projects themselves through our platform. They gain access to the system and will have the distinction of being among the first to gain first-hand experience with blockchain technology.

All contracts and sensitive data will be stored and encrypted on the blockchain.

The cost of participation will be negligible. Governments will only pay for the training of those who they wish to participate in the program, and the fees will be 80% lower than market-based rates of other training programs. The fact that all our training programs are utilized via the blockchain allows us to offer these services at such low prices.

Creating Private Healthcare Data Network on the POMA blockchain , Encrypted Solutions to distribute logdata

Who can use this blockchain?

This private blockchain can only be accessed by authenticated medical professionals, research organisations and private individuals.

Why did we build it?

The medical world and the devices used for analysis are becoming less intrusive and more mobile. Consequently medical professionals are increasingly using data loggers to collect important information about our health.

Are there any use cases?

The developers at project POMA are working with medical professionals on tools that can help with the treatment of common yet debilitating conditions and disorders mentioned below

More Information

Project POMA is working closely with blockchain developers to build a new business model that uses a private blockchain and can only be accessed by authenticated medical professionals, research organisations and private individuals. It works the same as a normal blockchain, but offers the surety of additional security controls and separation often required by different regulatory authorities across the globe.

The medical world and the devices used for analysis are becoming less intrusive and more mobile. Consequently medical professionals are increasingly using data loggers to collect important information about our health. Small intelligent devices collect data over a certain period of time so patterns and changes can be accurately monitored. Some advanced devices even have the function of administering a treatment, or changing a dose at certain thresholds. All of this data is collected periodically, and at intervals during controlled time frames.

The developers at project POMA are working with medical professionals on tools that can help with the treatment of common yet debilitating conditions and disorders, such as:

  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic stress and related conditions
  • Parkinsons Disease

The first prototypes were already constructed to realize the primary features and measurement. At the next stage, the devices will be provided with the loggers to capture the data and encrypt it on the POMA Blockchain where it will be stored in an immutable and secure fashion. This critical information can then be retrieved at any time, can never be changed and will be interpreted in a safe and consistent manner. In this way, it is easier to interact with medical professionals who know all the information they need is accurate, current and stored for future research.

Simplifying the transport industry with blockchain technology

Step one
The sales party creates a smart contract and sends a payment invitation to the customer. The customer makes the deposit after which it is confirmed and updated. The smart contract update will be sent to the seller.

Step two
The seller can now send the package for distribution to the buyer. This update will send back to the smart contract.

Step three
As soon as the recipient has the package received, the status of the smart contract is changed and the money is released to the seller.

More Information
Real-time mobile data access on the location and condition of the goods as they are transported around the globe is tracked by sensors connected to the immutable blockchain.

Blockchain provides each supply chain partner with end-to-end visibility based on their level of permission to view progress of goods through the supply chain, understanding where goods are in transit and the status of their documentation

No one party can modify, delete or even append any record without the consensus from others on the network helping reduce fraud and errors, reduce the time products spend in the transit, improving inventory management and reducing cost

Our mission is to form a digital bridge between our students and industries to foster job creation, growth, and development.

Our accessible, stable, and secure worldwide e-learning platform is designed to help universities/colleges create and deliver learning modules to all corners of the globe for all demographics. Project POMA is taking online learning to the next level by moving it onto the blockchain.

POMA Academy students will have free access to premium business tools and learning courses. Once certified upon completion of courses, our students have the opportunities to be work with companies to gain valuable real-world experience while earning cryptocurrency.

We are currently in the development phase of POMA Academy. Stay tuned for information regarding POMA Academy student enrollment!

We are awaiting legal approval from both our own counsel and the legal teams of our newly developed partners before we release more details of our partnerships.

Partners and project details will be updated as progress develops.

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