Thank you all and Happy New Year for 2019

A lot can happen in a year. We take a look over what has happened, gone well, not so well, and what we might look forward to for 2019.

Accomplishments and timeline of activities

It was an exciting year for Project POMA. With development well underway, we were ready to launch forward, but the changing cryptocurrency landscape of 2018 caused us to take pause and step back. Although lots of progress was made in 2018,  some things didn’t work out exactly how we had hoped. We realised that to be successful we needed to be that much more pragmatic and responsible moving forward.

Here’s a quick run-down of how 2018 has gone for the team at Project POMA:


  • Project POMA Community Telegram group was created.
  • Lots of announcements, lots of progress, and lots of community activity.

March – Community involvement

  • Alpha testing of the POMA Pages Business Directory . A handful of selected businesses took part in POMA Pages testing.
  • Official formation of Project POMA Core team announced.
  • Roadmap changed.

April – Project announcements

  • POMA eLearning announced (since renamed POMA Academy) – and early enrolment begins.

May – More community involvement

  • Website launched with Core team reveal.
  • Community is able to register their interest in joining the Global team.


  • Lessons learned – Let’s not rush into things in the future.
  • Strategy changed to slow things down and review the road ahead.
  • A seemingly quiet period for the community, but the blockchain development team continued to work on a clone of NEO.

August – Collaborative development started

  • Although progress had been made previously, the development team expanded to allow increased contribution.
  • Private Github and Azure repositories created.
  • POMACOIN blockchain test version created.
  • POMACOIN Explorer Alpha created.
  • POMA Payment Gateway early internal demo and testing occurred.

September – Development and progress behind the scenes

  • Development of light wallets built for private alpha-testnet.


  • POMAC token (ERC20) created and validated on Etherscan


  • POMAC token distribution begins.
  • Exchanges are announced and POMAC trading opens.
  • Global team community members received their first POMACOIN token distribution.


  • POMA.Games Global team grows, games are reviewed, tested, and selected.
  • POMA.Games launched – Beta competitions completed.

Lessons learned

2018 was both a successful and challenging year, and we think it is  important to be aware of what worked and what didn’t. Moving forward, we will continue to strive to maintain transparency and to learn from all we have experienced and done.

  • We will endeavour to have greater activity in the community. The only way we can achieve mass adoption is with users taking part. We will ask for further engagement and collaboration in 2019.
  • We plan to remain consistent on our announcements and updates. Whilst it’s great to release news, it’s important to remain realistic with targets and timelines.

Our team and day-to-day responsibilities

With Telegram being the primary channel for the vast majority of crypto projects, ours is no different. Most of our team acts as moderators for day-to-day interaction with the community.

There are some Core team members in Project POMA that you won’t have met, or aren’t registered in Telegram. We support those that wish to have an active presence or not on our social channels, and we work closely with those team members via private channels or other platforms, such as Trello. There are also seminars and meet-ups that our team have attended over the year to gather insight and news from other teams.

As a new volunteer in our Global team, you can participate in our roadmap Projects. You will take part in team discussions, complete tasks, or test our software before it’s launched to the public.

Next steps

Our roadmap shows the continuation and public release of many projects that are already in progress. These will include, but not be limited to:

  • Web wallets.
  • Blockchain wallets and light wallets.
  • Larger projects:
    • Charity foundation creation.
    • Education oriented partnerships and enrolment in the eLearning POMA Academy.
    • More POMA Gaming options – such as prizes/payment for content.
    • POMA Payment Gateway/content locker.

Thank you all

We wish to thank all those who have contributed at any stage towards the Project POMA roadmap. From early supporters in the Telegram group, the global volunteers joining our new teams, all the way to our blockchain development and business management teams, all of your help has been highly appreciated.

If you’ve followed us this far, how about joining in…?

We would still like to invite more people to work closely with the new POMA Global teams. Please find out more via our website and join at

~Project POMA

Please note: Although we have compiled this article with great care, no rights can be derived from it and we reserve the right to make changes / modifications if necessary.